Welcome!  My name is Linda Spencer, owner and founder or VisionSpire Business Consulting.

I am passionate about inspiring and assisting people have greater ease and joy in their life – and I do this by empowering them to relieve stress and anxiety around money and taxes.    My brilliance is in creating and delivering great content that connects business owners with the awareness, tools, strategies and mindsets they need in order to create more ease in their business – to reduce risk, improve processes, create more cash flow and profits for their business, and reduce stress and anxiety around money and taxes, so they can have more joy and freedom to do what they love and love what they do.

I used to be stressed all the time…it gave me migraines, illness, pain, dis-ease, and even sent me to the hospital with chest pains.  That’s when I knew I had to make a change…and embarked on a journey of finding more ease and joy in my life.  When I started my business 2 years ago (after 20 years in public accounting and corporate tax, helping business owners optimize taxes, improve cash flows and productivity, and reduce tax stress), it was about reducing tax stress for business owners.

But tax stress is really about money, and the fear of paying out more.  My business morphed, I sought out new information and tools, and developed a system for reducing money stress – discovering that the key is MINDSET!  And I believe Money is energy – everything is energy.  So now I provide programs and workshops designed to shift money mindsets, and take a holistic, “energy” approach to doing money and improving cash flows.  The result for my clients is improved clarity and focus, and reduced fear and anxiety around money, doing their business and the money side of business ON PURPOSE and WITH PURPOSE…it’s deeply rewarding to experience and see the transformations.

Other interesting things about me:  I’m not your typical tax accountant – I’m an artist first (I think I was born with pencils in my hands!), and love all things art – photography, writing inspirational poetry and messages since I was 11 years old, creating affordable love-infused jewerly (Ridgeview Designs), and designing and recreating my retreat home.  I often support local artists of all kinds – art connects and feeds (and frees) the soul.  I live in Glen Williams with my 2 teenage boys on 5 acres of environmentally protected land that Nature entrusted to me to take care of.  Living my dream and loving life 🙂


Vision:  I envision a world without stress over money.  I’ve been there – full of money stress and all that goes with it…but I’ve found a way out, and know it IS possible…with the right tools and mindsets, you can be free of money stress too.

Mission:  To empower heart-centered small business owners with the business finance tools, knowledge, mindsets and strategies they need in order to create the business and life they dream of with greater ease, through 1-1 coaching and consulting, group empowerment programs, workshops and seminars.


  • Empowerment – Empower yourself with the knowledge, tools and mindsets and take inspired action to get the results you desire.
  • Integrity – Being true to your word, and maintaining confidence.
  • Mutual Respect – Everyone deserves respect, and to be held free of judgment.
  • Innovation & Creativity – Growth and expansive living come from creativity and innovation.
  • Harmony & Joy – The ultimate gift is to create a space for all to connect and thrive in joy and harmony in this world.
Certified Money, Marketing and Soul Coach